Good Bread from Good People

Good bread

Good Bread is a social bakery in Kyiv (Ukraine), that bakes up to 800 loaves of bread every day and donates them to hospital patients, soldiers, police, elderly people, and families with children who decided to stay in Ukraine. Volunteers deliver bread to suburbs, villages, subway stations and shelters. Good Bread was founded by Vladislav Malashchenko as a social business, the mission was to give people with mental disabilities an opportunity to work.


The Bread Givers is a fundraising campaign for the social bakery Good Bread. Become a Bread Giver and allow Good Bread to operate for a week. You can help to produce approx. 3.000 loaves of bread per week and give them a voice to tell their stories during these times of war. Let`s help people to help themselves.


„Before the war, we gave people with mental disabilities – autism, intellectual disability, and Down syndrome – a chance to socialize. But the war changed everything. Hundreds and thousands of people need food. We now bake bread and we distribute it for free.“

(Vladislav Malashchenko)


No matter if you are a company, an employee initiative or a circle of friends, you can become a Bread Giver and allow Good Bread in Kyiv to operate for a week with 2.500 Euro plus VAT. We provide you with a „Bread Giver“ badge as well as media content for your media channels. Furthermore, we want to produce a weekly series of stories from the bakery, that will be presented by the respective Bread Givers. The Bread Givers offers the opportunity to develop visible and concrete benefits directly on site. 3.000 loaves of bread per week.

Good bread from good people.
Good bread for good people.
We welcome new Bread Givers.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, you can download a presentation in English and in German.

  • FRIENDS@FRAUENKOPF (22/08/22 – 28/08/22)

    FRIENDS@FRAUENKOPF (22/08/22 – 28/08/22)

    „My friends and I wanted to support the people in Ukraine at least a little bit with our fundraising evening for Good Bread. We think Vlad and his team are doing a great job by distributing bread to their needy compatriots – a sign of humanity in times of war.“ (Annette Ruess)


  • Anonymous Bread Giver (01/08/22 – 07/08/22)

    Anonymous Bread Giver (01/08/22 – 07/08/22)


  • ANWANDER (25/07/22 – 31/07/22)

    ANWANDER (25/07/22 – 31/07/22)

    “At ANWANDER, we take care of safe working environments every day – unfortunately, Ukraine is currently a long way from this. I hope that with our support we will be able to make at least a small contribution for the affected local people.” (Daniel Anwander, ANWANDER Sachverständige GmbH)


  • Pupils of Gangelt (04/07/22 – 24/07/22)

    Pupils of Gangelt (04/07/22 – 24/07/22)

    420 pupils from two primary schools in the municipality of Gangelt (Kreis Heinsberg) heard about the engagement of the inclusive bakery Good bread from Good people and they decided to help. The children aged six to eleven organized a charity run and raised 7,357 Euros!


  • inallermunde marketing (27/06/22 – 03/07/22)

    inallermunde marketing (27/06/22 – 03/07/22)

    “It hurts our souls when we see how the people of Ukraine are suffering from this terrible war of aggression. May the daily bread give a very small solace in this sad time.” (Christian Skrodzki & Lisa Müller, inallermunde marketing)


  • Employee Initiative metafinanz with the friends Egon (Cape of Good Code) and Jörg (DER GARTEN) (20/06/22 – 26/06/22)

    Employee Initiative metafinanz with the friends Egon (Cape of Good Code) and Jörg (DER GARTEN) (20/06/22 – 26/06/22)

    “We are happy that we can help … and our thanks go to ‘Good Bread’ in Kyiv for their courage and perseverance … and especially to the people in Ukraine, who have our love and solidarity.”


  • unexpected GmbH (13/06/22 – 19/06/22)

    unexpected GmbH (13/06/22 – 19/06/22)

    “One of our company’s one-liner statements is: ‘We care for every pixel.’ But no matter how passionate you can be about your job, it’s pixels at the end of day, what really matters are the people – the ones who need our help, especially in these times.” (Andreas Burgdorff and Alexander Kiesl, unexpected GmbH)


  • Lebenshilfe Heinsberg (30/05/22 – 05/06/22)

    Lebenshilfe Heinsberg (30/05/22 – 05/06/22)

    “The inclusive bakery ‚Good bread from Good people‘ is more than a great example for other employers that want to be socially active: This Ukrainian visionary wants to offer lots of more prospects for work to people with disabilities like a carpentry, cafés or a flower shop. We believe in these visions and want to…


  • Allgäuer Genusshotel (23/05/22 – 29/05/22)

    Allgäuer Genusshotel (23/05/22 – 29/05/22)

    “There is death, destruction and displacement in Ukraine – and here in Allgäu region we have a happy life, new projects and a safe home. Both in Europe – only a few thousand kilometers apart. That’s why we want to support the great work of ‘Good Bread From Good People’ from the bottom of our…


  • Employee Initiative metafinanz (16/05/22 – 22/05/22)

    Employee Initiative metafinanz (16/05/22 – 22/05/22)

    „Hello, we are a group of colleagues working at metafinanz. We are happy that we can help and our thanks go to Good Bread and especially the people in Ukraine, who have our love and solidarity.”


  • PROOX (09/05/22 – 15/05/22)

    PROOX (09/05/22 – 15/05/22)

    “In these extraordinary times, it is essential for us as an international company to show responsibility and solidarity. We want to support the people in Ukraine, locally, as directly as possible. With Good Bread, this is possible. Thank you to the whole team! We have great respect for what you do.” (Armin Degasperi, Managing Director,…


  • Allgäuer Überlandwerk (02/05/22 – 08/05/22)

    Allgäuer Überlandwerk (02/05/22 – 08/05/22)

    “As energy provider we take our social responsibility very seriously and usually focus on the security of supply and sustainability. During times of crisis, we need to expand our responsibilities and show solidarity. Our thoughts are with the people in the Ukraine.” (Michael Lucke, Managing Director, Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH)


  • CORNELIA TANZER GmbH (25/04/22 – 01/05/22)

    CORNELIA TANZER GmbH (25/04/22 – 01/05/22)

    “Our passion is to support and enhance people’s individual development. We consider everyone has something to contribute. In times like this, we should contribute to change the world for the better.” (Dr. Cornelia Tanzer, Owner & Managing Director, CORNELIA TANZER GmbH)


  • S/K/B/G/L Lawyers (18/04/22 – 24/04/22)

    S/K/B/G/L Lawyers (18/04/22 – 24/04/22)

    SKBGL, founded in 1995 by the lawyers Dr. Paul Sutterlüty, Dr. Wilhelm Klagian LL.M. and Dr. Claus Brändle, has been taking care of concerns of clients for more than 25 years with partners MMag. Dr. Tobias Gisinger (2013) and Dr. Maximilian Lingenhöle (2018) with different legal focuses.


  • PRISMA Group (11/04/22 – 17/04/22)

    PRISMA Group (11/04/22 – 17/04/22)

    „Our focus is on people. We follow this principle of the PRISMA Group by supporting Good Bread. It is admirable how the people of Good Bread selflessly stand up for others in a dark time. The future belongs to the brave in the community.“ (Bernhard Ölz, CEO PRISMA Holding AG)


FOunder of Good Bread


The founder of Good Bread is one of Ukraines „30 under 30“ in the Forbes Under 30 Directory 2021 among other young entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers.

coordinator of The Bread Givers

Christian Dosch

Christian is a project manager with multiple years of experience in media, culture and creative industries. It is his passion to find ways to help Ukrainian citizens in this horrible situation. He believes that in times of war we should stand behind the victims and support them as much as we can.