ANWANDER (25/07/22 – 31/07/22)

For me, The Bread Givers has shown a concrete way to help directly on site. In my view, it directly supports the people on the ground who, unfortunately, have to witness this unspeakable war. At ANWANDER, we take care of safe working environments every day – unfortunately, Ukraine is currently a long way from this. I hope that with our support we will be able to make at least a small contribution for the affected local people. We wish us many more supporters – so that the great project can live on!

(Daniel Anwander, Managing Director, ANWANDER)

ANWANDER has been committed to safety and health since 1982. In the areas of fire protection, occupational safety and health management, the customers of the Allgäu family company benefit from the friendly expertise and the overarching way of thinking of the highly qualified employees. Customers include medium-sized companies and large companies from various sectors such as industry, trade, the social and health sector, and municipalities.