Pupils of Gangelt (04/07/22 – 24/07/22)

420 pupils from two primary schools in the municipality of Gangelt (Kreis Heinsberg) heard about the engagement of the inclusive bakery Good bread from Good people and they decided to help. The children aged six to eleven organized a charity run and raised 7,357 Euros! Vladyslav Malashchenko thanked for this great donation act in a huge video call with all the pupils: The baker walked through the bakery with his camera and explained how people with and without disabilities can work together. More than 1,000 loaves of bread are produced every day to deliver them to those who are in need in regions where the war destroyed lots of houses and infrastructure. “One day, when this war is over, I will come to Germany and visit your schools to say thank you for your support!”

Schule der Begegnung – Katholische Grundschule Birgden

Nikolaus-Schule Breberen