Employee Initiative metafinanz with the friends Egon (Cape of Good Code) and Jörg (DER GARTEN) (20/06/22 – 26/06/22)

As an employee initiative of metafinanz, we have already raised the money to run the ‘Good Bread’ Social Bakery for one week in May. But enough is not enough … and that’s why we just kept collecting and were able to get the money for another week together with other friends from our metafinanz ecosystem: Egon Wuchner from Cape of good Code GmbH and Jörg Lehrbaß from dergarten.de. We are happy that we can help … and our thanks go to The Bread Givers for bringing the idea to the world, to ‘Good Bread’ in Kyiv for their courage and perseverance … and especially to the people in Ukraine, who have our love and solidarity.

In a healthy company there are many good spirits. Metafinanz is a healthy company in which agile values such as self-organization and personal responsibility are writ large. Private initiatives like these are not only possible, but also desired, and promote not only togetherness, but also the performance of the entire organization. This is proven not only by the market success, but also by many awards and especially by the excellent customer feedback. Interested? Then take a look at metafinanz.de.


Cape of Good Code has been founded in 2018 as the result of over seven years of practical research in the realm of software quality analysis at Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich. After leaving Siemens, we have picked the most promising ideas, combined them with many innovative features and implemented a totally new and unique analysis tool, which we named DETANGLE, from scratch. At the end, we have created a way to face quality problems by balancing conflicting forces and parties: monetizable features pushed by managers and costs of quality improvements promoted by software engineers.


Claus Kube and Jörg Lehrbaß have been designing gardens together with their team since 1989. With 30 years of experience, they offer expert horticulture from advice to planning and execution and stand for personal customer contact, innovative ideas and creative solutions.