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unexpected GmbH (13/06/22 – 19/06/22)

“One of our company’s one-liner statements is: ‘We care for every pixel.’ But no matter how passionate you can be about your job, it’s pixels at the end of day. What really matters are the people – the ones who need our help, especially in these times. That’s why we are thankful for The Bread Givers initiative, happy and proud to be a part of it and hopeful for a peaceful future for Ukraine – and all nations.”

(Andreas Burgdorff and Alexander Kiesl, unexpected GmbH)

Unexpected is an owner-managed post-production house in Stuttgart, Germany, specialized in visual effects, 3D animation, CGI and interactive & realtime media. Its talented artists  work passionately on designing and creating unique worlds, visual effects, digital imagery and an unlimited range of animations.

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