Lebenshilfe Heinsberg (30/05/22 – 05/06/22)

2,6 million people with disabilities are living in the Ukraine. Their living conditions offer no options: Mostly these people are cared by their parents and relatives or they live in institutions without chances to live a self-determined life. But there were some legislative reforms the last years to improve the rights of people with disabilities that set new standards. Positive changes were especially made by social enterprises and a young generation of activists that fight for an inclusive society. Nevertheless, the chances of people with disability to participate are still very low, especially on the labour market. Vladyslav Malashshenko wants to change that. As a remedial teacher, he talked about his work in the Ukraine and helped other entrepreneurs to build up their social enterprises. His inclusive bakery ‚Good bread from Good people‘ is more than a great example for other employers that want to be socially active: Following the example of companies for handicapped people in Germany, this Ukrainian visionary wants to offer lots of more prospects for work to people with disabilities like a carpentry, cafés or a flower shop. We believe in these visions and want to support the inclusive ideas of Vladyslav Malashchenko and his team.”

(Michael Kleinen, Lebenshilfe Heinsberg)

Lebenshilfe Heinsberg is a non-profit organisation that accompanies and supports people with intellectual disabilities in the Kreis Heinsberg, western Germany – next to the border to the Netherlands. The Lebenshilfe offers different therapy options, individual living places or several job opportunities for about 2000 people with disabilities. The focus is on the idea of inclusion and the opportunities to participate in the life of our society. The Lebenshilfe is Germany’s largest organization for people with mental disabilities with more than 500 regional associations all over Germany.