Allgäuer Genusshotel (23/05/22 – 29/05/22)

„We are hosts with body and soul. While houses in the Ukraine have been destroyed by a terrible war since the end of February, we are lucky enough to be able to open a new project here in our home country – our ‘Allgäuer Genusshotel’. There is death, destruction and displacement in Ukraine – and here in Allgäu region we have a happy life, new projects and a safe home. Both in Europe – only a few thousand kilometers apart. That’s why we want to support the great work of ‘Good Bread From Good People’ from the bottom of our hearts.”

(Christian Skrodzki & Lisa Müller, Allgäuer Genusshotel)

The solid wood hotel “Allgäuer Genusshotel”, which opened in spring 2022, is part of the historic Dorfgasthof Hirsch in Leutkirch im Allgäu – right around the corner from the Allgäuer Genussmanufaktur. The Genuss-Ensemble offers regional specialties, historic rooms for celebrations such as weddings and modern hotel rooms and holiday homes.