Employee Initiative metafinanz (16/05/22 – 22/05/22)

„Hello, we are a group of colleagues working at metafinanz. Our colleague Matthias posted The Bread Givers on our company’s internal social network. Quickly, more than 20 friends of The Bread Givers got together and collected the necessary amount in a very short time. We are happy that we can help … and our thanks go to the The Bread Givers for bringing the idea to the world, to “Good Bread from Good People” in Kyiv for their courage and perseverance … and especially to the people in Ukraine, who have our love and solidarity.”

We are: Kersten Fangmeier, Thomas Funk, Matthias Gotz, Sarah Grün, Sibylle Hofmann, Thilo Keber, Andreas Küllmer, Sylvester Obermayer and Heinrich Schlotthauer as well as (missing on the picture): Evi Friedenberger, Michael Graben, Monika Jordan, Jasmin Karbach, Alina Lobova, Lothar Marthaler, Benjamin Rohrmüller, Melik Sahin, Riem Sarsam, Aylin Saruhan, Peter Schneider, Reinhard Wahl and Mohammad Yazdanparast.

(employees of metafinanz Informationssysteme GmbH)

In a healthy company there are many good spirits. Metafinanz is a healthy company in which agile values such as self-organization and personal responsibility are writ large. Private initiatives like these are not only possible, but also desired, and promote not only togetherness, but also the performance of the entire organization. This is proven not only by the market success, but also by many awards and especially by the excellent customer feedback. Interested? Then take a look at metafinanz.de.