S/K/B/G/L Lawyers (18/04/22 – 24/04/22)


SKBGL, founded in 1995 by the lawyers Dr. Paul Sutterlüty, Dr. Wilhelm Klagian LL.M. and Dr. Claus Brändle, has been taking care of your concerns for more than 25 years with partners MMag. Dr. Tobias Gisinger (2013) and Dr. Maximilian Lingenhöle (2018) with different legal focuses. In addition to its headquarters in Dornbirn, SKBGL also has a branch office in Vienna.

The partners’ goal is to be a comprehensive legal advisor and companion through specialisation. The cooperation with renowned domestic and foreign law firms and other advisory professions also enables the handling of complex tasks.

The decisive factor in every consultation is the benefit of the client. This is what the experienced team of SKBGL lawyers stands for. We will advise you efficiently and comprehensively to your greatest human and economic advantage. The focus is not on disputes, but on achieving sustainable and economically reasonable solutions.


Dr. Wilhelm Klagian, LL.M., MMag. Dr. Tobias Gisinger, Dr. Paul Sutterlüty, Dr. Claus Brändle, Dr. Maximilian Lingenhöle